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The Economy, Infrastructure, and Skills directorate at Staffordshire County Council is responsible for driving economic growth, improving infrastructure, and enhancing skills in the county. This involves commissioning and delivering projects, supporting business start-ups, and ensuring quality education and training for both young people and adults.

The directorate also focuses on digital infrastructure, bringing connectivity to rural areas and promoting digital awareness. In addition, it collaborates with employers and stakeholders to align the skills infrastructure with employment needs, offers brokerage services, and produces strategic evidence for decision-making. 

Furthermore, it manages highways, sustainable development, and waste disposal, all while prioritizing environmental sustainability. This diverse directorate offers various roles, from engineering and project management to community support and environmental specialists.

Meet some of the Economy, Infrastructure, and Skills team

To get to know more about the different teams in Economy, Infrastructure and Skills and how they support Staffordshire County Council take a look below.

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