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Work Experience Employability Programme – Open Door Staffordshire

We never stop pushing for more, for better. And that goes for every single person who lives in Staffordshire. That’s why we’ve developed Open Door Staffordshire, a structured work placement programme.

If you’re actively looking for work, live in Staffordshire and are over the age of 18, we can organise work experience within the council and other organisations throughout the County. You’ll take on a 12 week placement (with flexible days and hours), where you’ll be treated like any other employee. That means you’ll have relevant responsibilities and gain lots of useful experience, skills and increase employability in you chosen work environment.

With on-the-job training and a dedicated mentor, you’ll build your confidence, make lots of useful contacts and have a reference for your CV. At the end of the placement, you can choose to extend for a further 12 weeks and take your development even further. And while paid employment isn’t guaranteed, you’ll find that your experience will open up lots of career, training and paid employment opportunities.

For more information or to apply for Open Door Staffordshire, please visit: Staffordshire Job & Careers Brokerage for Residents.


If you’re looking for work experience to support college or university studies, you’ll need to contact the relevant departments directly.

“I would absolutely recommend the programme to others. As a mature worker changing into a new career, it can be hard to gain experience in a new field but if you are willing and have the courage to make that change, the Open-Door programme really does provide the opportunity to gain experience or to see if that career really is for you. I’m really enjoying my job and I’d like to thank everyone involved.”

Chris Boote


Volunteering can make a real difference to Staffordshire’s communities and people across the county are discovering how rewarding volunteering can be. Volunteering offers the chance to meet new people, make new friends, build confidence, and develop new skills.

We have hundreds of volunteers already working across the County for both the Local Authority and for partner volunteer organisations in a variety of roles.

We believe that everyone can get involved in making Staffordshire a great place to live. Even if you don’t have much time, there are lots of small and simple things you can do to make a difference for yourself, your loved ones, and the place you live. Visit our website for more information and tips on how you can get involved.

Volunteering for us

If you are thinking of taking the next step and volunteering, there are a number of opportunities at Staffordshire County Council. We are currently refreshing our offer for volunteers, but in the meantime please visit our individual service areas for more information on their volunteering opportunities:

Volunteering opportunities outside of the Council

As part of our work to support communities, we have partnered with two voluntary sector organisations that specialise in working with community groups and helping people find volunteering opportunities that are right for them. If you are interested in getting involved or volunteering, please visit their websites on the links below.

Explore exciting career opportunities within Staffordshire County Council.

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