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Flexible working

We know how important having a healthy work-life balance is to you and you may prefer to work different hours or a different working pattern to what has been detailed on a job advert. 

Flexible working simply means making a change to when, how and where an employee works and flexible working patterns can come in all shapes and sizes.

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As an employee you have a right to request flexible working in your role from day one but, wherever possible and business needs allow, our hiring managers will be happy to discuss any requests for flexible working when you apply for our roles and you will see the “Happy to talk Flexible Working” logo on the job advert. 

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Flexible working could be:

  • Hybrid working – a mix of remote and office/site based working 
  • Remote or home-based working – working from somewhere other than your office/site base
  • Job-share – job is split/shared between two people
  • Part-time – a reduced working day/week
  • Flexi-time – most of our employees are eligible for flex-time which allows them to decide when they work their standard hours each day subject to business needs
  • Term-time hours – only work during periods that correspond with school term time
  • Compressed hours – full time hours condensed into a shorter week.

Flexible working policy

Take a look at our flexible working policy that explains how we support our colleagues who may need to work in a more flexible way. 

Flexible Working Policy (439 KB)

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