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Support Facilitator
Health and Care

Kirstie says: “For them to be joining in with everything, to enjoy life and to see them smile I know I’ve done my job right and it’s just amazing!”

What is your role? I am responsible for supporting individuals with learning disabilities at Hawthorn House residential.

Why did you join Staffordshire County Council? My mum used to work at Hawthorn where I now work. I knew there were lots of benefits to working for SCC.

What does your typical day look like? Starts with me usually getting up as late as possible as I am not an early riser, and then quickly getting ready before leaving for work.

Once there I am straight on it. If I am on a late shift I do manage a gym session.

I carry out link worker duties for an individual with learning disabilities, which means that I makes sure that the individual I support has everything they need, i.e. shopping, clothing etc. I support them and others with all aspects of their support needs.

As a support facilitator I am involved in all aspects of personal care for individuals, supporting the individual with every day tasks as well as completing records, taking them into the community, supporting to appointments, taking part in activities, and trying to support them to be as independent as able.

What might people not know about working in the council? That no day is ever the same at work, people’s needs change all the time.

What is your most memorable moment? Is being involved in the filming for the brand ambassador’s videos for Staffordshire. I felt so proud. Let’s wait and see what’s next!

What is the worst part of your job? Is the late shifts and working alternate weekends.

What is the best part of your job? Is making a difference and seeing the individuals I support smile, and enjoy life.

What would you be doing if you didn’t work here? I would have been a beauty therapist.

What advice would I give someone considering a career in social care? Always be a kind and caring person, and sometimes put yourself in the shoes of anyone you may support. It can be hard at times but worth it in the end.