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Consultation and
Engagement Coordinator
Children and Families

Georgina says: “I love being able to work directly with young people, be creative and share experiences with them.

What is your role? I am a Consultation and Engagement Coordinator, plus I am also a Casual Residential Worker and I am care experienced. 

What do you enjoy about your roles? I have to say I love both of my roles and never have the Sunday scaries! Every day is different, and that keeps me engaged, plus all of the direct work I get to do with young people! Then in my role as a casual residential worker, it is just that – I pick up shifts as and when they are available. I have a residential background so I have been able to transfer all my experiences across to my current role.

What is a typical day like? We could all be working together as a team at our base one day, and another we are heading up our own jobs, working from home. 

Why do you stay working at Staffordshire County Council? I get to work directly with young people, be creative and share experiences with them. The flexibility of working evenings works around me and allows me to manage my own diary – which is a responsibility I like! 

What do you do in your role? Within my role, I engage with young people through forums, help create and deliver training and share the voice of the young person wherever learning is needed. 

What’s the worst part about your role? Honestly, I don’t think there is anything about my role I dislike! I even get to bring my dog to work sometimes! 

What advice would you give someone thinking of joining the council? If I could give anyone a piece of advice, it would be explore all the options within the local authority – there are so many opportunities within the council that offer career progression, learning opportunities and that enable you to use your transferable skills.

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